An essential Vitamin B- Folate for your Baby’s good health and well-being

Having a balanced diet containing plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole greens is the best way to procure all types of essential nutrients. But often, some nutrients like vitamin D, B12, vital minerals, and primarily Folate could not be obtained enough from them. So, what are we supposed to do to fulfil that nutritional requirement? Relax; there is always an alternative for everything; we merely need to find it.  

Since Folate- the natural version of Vitamin B9, which is found in eggs, avocados, beans, leafy greens, citrus fruits, or liver- may not satisfy the needs of an expectant mother. Therefore, to build multiple essential amino acids whilst expecting the baby, only consuming foods that contain Folate are not sufficient. If you only eat fruits & vegetables, your protein intake would suffer significantly. Thence a pregnant woman is advised to take a supplement of 400 micrograms of absolute folate diet each day precisely, for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Here are fascinating Folate health benefits to amaze you.

When it comes to offering the health benefits of Folate, the list is countless. However, mentioning all would not be possible, hence citing a few. All the vitamins and minerals are essential for our body as they have a specific role to play in different parts. Here are a few reasons why your diet should be good in vitamin B9 through an exceptional Folate supplement .

  1. This water-soluble vitamin is needed for the formation of red blood cells.
  2. It plays a critical role in cell growth during the embryonic phase of foetal development.
  3. Additionally, it is also required as the necessary cofactor for the nucleic acids, which helps in the repair, stability, and synthesis of DNA.
  4. Has also been shown to maintain the blood homocysteine levels because elevated homocysteine levels are linked with an increased hazard of acquiring heart diseases.
  5. Necessitated for proper growth and development.
  6. Besides, it promotes maintaining a healthy immune system.

Folate and Pregnancy- Take a Folic Acid supplement & have a healthy newborn.

It is suggested that pregnant women should consume Folate supplements in any form to avoid the risk of complexities as well as umpteen infirmities, particularly Spina Bifida in the form of Myelomeningocele during pregnancy. Anaemia-a severe predicament occurs if the folic disorder in children is affected. Furthermore, physical growth slows down if the proper folate diet is not followed. This is called ‘Mega Bloc Anaemia.’ Hence, to prevent all these deadly ailments, she must take 400 micrograms of foods that contain Folate every day. Taking a folate diet, daily perhaps, is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you are pregnant. 

Women planning for pregnancy must take the folic acid supplements for an entire year before pregnancy to reduce the risks like major congenital deformities of the brain or spine, including neural tube defects, such as spina bifida (mentioned above) and anencephaly. Moreover, pregnant women must take them while conception to avoid the above predicaments in the developing foetus. Considering this, folate supplement- Trifol-Q is introduced that helps build healthy cells—deemed as one of the best forms of B-vitamin that is soluble in water. Due to its water-soluble property, it does not stay long in the body, and thus the woman must entail every day to prevent any risk of developing a neural tube defect during pregnancy.

Folate supplement is a complex B Vitamin, similar to Vitamin B-12, which carries out the vital functions of producing more red blood cells, preventing hearing impairment, and preserving the brain health of infants/newborns. Be a happy-go-lucky would-be-mommy and enjoy your stress-free time with Trifol-Q and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the gestation period. 

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